Monday, April 3, 2017

March Favorites | 2017

Hello hello and LONG time no see!  I've had an absolutely crazy past two months at school, spring semester just took off like a rocket and I've been running to keep up ever since it started!  But now I'm on spring break and I'm chilled out, meaning I have time to re-pump my creative juices and start writing here again ptl!  As it is now April (which I cannot get over) I thought I'd do a little March roundup as one does!

1 // The Group by Mary McCarthy

This is on a list of 20 books that I've tasked myself with reading this year, so I bought it back in January and have been reading bits when I have the time, but this past week I really sat down and powered through the last bit, and let me just tell y'all, this book is SO good.  I even passed it on to my mom to read, and she's picky about books, and even she loved it, so you know it's good!  It's sort of a funny social commentary on the way women faced modernity in the thirties and forties, focusing on a group of Vassar graduates in New York City.  I started it for the vintage NYC setting, and I stayed for the absolutely golden writing and characters.

2 // "Happy Folk" on Spotify

This playlist has just been getting me through endless hours of midterm studying this past month.  It's all upbeat and energetic, so I don't get bored, but it's also not generic pop where I kind of get distracted because I'm singing along, so really it's just a wonderful little medium.

3 // Daily Verse App

I'm the worst because I don't know the exact name of this app, but I think if you search daily Bible verses in the app store, you should come up with a bunch of free options.  Basically all this does is give you a daily Bible verse with a beautiful background, but I just love opening it basically every time I open my phone, I just love the peace it brings and it's a nice little way to get in a quiet moment throughout the day and to just calm your mind for a second, which is so necessary to me going through hectic school days as I find I'll be getting into bed at midnight realizing I haven't stopped once all day!

I think that's it y'all... but I'm super excited to be back round here and writing, and I will see you all very soon! Enjoy this very very rainy Monday!

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