Saturday, April 29, 2017

College Morning Routine | Spring 2017

Hellooo everyone!  And also, happy Saturday, the best of all days!  Today, I'm in my room all by myself because my roommate is out of town (sniff sniff) so I'm taking advantage of this free time to break my blog hiatus and write about my morning routine for the spring semester of my freshman year.  Y'all... I only have three weeks of freshman year left, how is that real?  We had to register for fall classes on Thursday, which led to me having an existential crisis and realizing I have no idea what I want to do with my life, BUT it's ok, my dad told me I could move to Belize and have an advice booth like Lucy in Charlie Brown, so... I guess that's my plan?  Anyways, my first class is at 8:30, so I wake up pretty early and yes, my first thought every morning is always "I'm gonna need a nap today."

6:30 am: Riseeee and shine!!  I get up, take my probiotic gummies (they are for 2-4 year olds, but my mom thought I needed them, and I chose to not question it because, gummies), wash my face and brush my teeth, and put on my makeup and clothing of choice.  Usually I keep my makeup pretty simple during the week, and stick to a strictly jeans and some sort of simple tee because, honestly my brain doesn't really work at 6:30am, ok?

7:45am: At this point I grab my backpack, make sure I didn't wake up my roommate (I sound like an elephant in the morning y'all), and head out the door.  I always go to our little coffeeshop on campus and get a cup of coffee (with soy milk #lactoseintolerant!!) and take a little time before my 8:30 to read the news and reply to snapchats (snappin is a full time job ok).

8:20am: Then, once I've read and snapped and gotten my life in order, I head off to Statistics, and then after that to English at 9:30, and get my morning dose of learnin into my brain.

10:30am: Since I don't usually have a super huge appetite in the morning, I usually just get a cup of coffee or tea, but this always leaves me absolutely famished by the time english gets out at 10:30, so I usually just go grab a little breakfast at the dining hall after class.  After that, I guess it's technically the afternoon soooo then I go about the rest of the day, which usually involves a nap and me stressing about my accounting class...

And that's my mornin' routine!  It's pretty simple... and most days I spend so long sitting on my futon after I turn my alarm off (because really really tired) that I usually have to kick it into a little bit more of speed racer mode.  But anyways, that's all folks!  I hope you all are having the best Saturday today!

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