Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Goals + Thoughts

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! I know I'm probably the last of the world to write about New Year's Resolutions as it's now January 8th, but I'm just going to go along with it anyways!  I feel like 2016 was a weird mix of emotions for everyone, so I'm just really excited for this new year, and I honestly hope it brings so much joy and peace to everyone.  I got really excited about resolutions this year, so here goes!

1 // Read More

This was definitely a goal in 2016, but it was definitely one that I didn't exactly stick to.  I found that whenever I was faced with scrolling through my phone or picking up a book, I always just picked up my phone and would end up wasting hours.  So this year, I made a list of 20 books I want to read, which is a little bit ambitious, but I have already gotten one book read, so I'm feeling good about it so far!

2 // Spend Less Time on Social Media

To achieve this one, I actually removed Instagram from my phone for the month of January, which every single one of my friends laughed at because they think I'm going to be weak and re-download it, but y'all I'm going strong so far!  Also, I honestly don't miss it that much, and it feels like kind of a relief to not be constantly looking at what everyone else is doing all the time, you know?

3 // Be More Intentional About Spending Time With People

This sort of ties in with the less social media thing, because it's so easy to be sitting with family and friends and just be scrolling through your phone and wasting valuable time with loved ones. Thinking back, I've spent so much time doing that, so I'm dedicated this year to being intentional about spending quality time with loved ones.

4 // Stand Up for Myself + My Choices

I think it's just so important this year to stop wasting time beating myself up for not always doing what everyone else is doing, and to just be confident in who I am and what I love doing, and not let anyone guilt me into feeling bad for it!

5 // Be Open to Joy

This year I just want to be especially open to the joy and peace that God has for me, and to not doubt what he has in store.  I want to not cut myself off from that and get lost in the thought process of not being good enough for His joy, and to instead just embrace it all because He loves us that much!

And those are about them, and I'm just really hoping you all are having a great 2017 so far.  Also, I hope you're all watching the Golden Globes and loving them as much as I am right now!

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