Friday, November 11, 2016

How to Destress When You Don't Have Time

Hello hello and welcome to the happiest day, Friday!  I don't know about y'all, but for me assignments are piling up around me in a pretty alarming way, so although it's Friday I think this weekend is going to mainly consist of me studying around the clock, which may sound boring but I'm kind of a nerd sooo it's all good hehe.  But here's the thing, it can be kind of tough to look at a calendar chock full of assignments and presentations and tests and feel overwhelmed by the time it's going to take to even make a dent in the pile.  It's honestly so important to give yourself little breaks when you're working so so super hard, just to destress, be quiet, and just recenter yourself, so I have compiled some of my tested and proven methods to reset the crazy stress levels inside all our lil brains!!


I honestly think journaling is such an amazing way to shut down your mind from whirring around with stress and to just get out whatever thoughts are clogging up your brain.  I know when you're crunched on time though, pulling out a journal and writing a whole page can be about the last thing you want to do, so that's where I love my one-line-a-day journal.  It's so easy because there's an interesting little prompt everyday, and you just have to write a sentence or maybe two if you're feeling all wordy and smart and stuff.

Reading Encouragement

Whatever encouragement looks like to you, be it from faith, someone close to you, or even your Pinterest quotes board, I find taking ten minutes out of working to just read some words that are meant to lift us up is so nice and refreshing.  I have been loving reading through Lysa Terkeurst's book "Uninvited," it's so amazing and just speaks right to me every single page.


Finally, this is probably my favorite way to decompress for a few minutes.  I am an avid doodler, and have been my whole life, from the time I figured out how to hold a marker the right way.  I think there's nothing more freeing than just letting yourself go all over a page, even if it looks like absolute craziness.  It's also just a great contrast from sitting for endless hours doing structured schoolwork, doodling can be the most unstructured thing and I think it's super healthy as a study break.

And that's the list folks!  I would also suggest, when you're starting to feel low or irritable whilst studying, to grab a snack (something healthy obvi!!) because sometimes your brain just needs a lil more fuel, you know?  I hope you guys liked this and that it helps someone out there out who is feeling a little stressed like me, and I promise we will all make it through!  And PS the holidays are SO close and I'm so excited y'all!  Ok, that's all for me today, I will talk to you all very soon!

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