Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Favorites | 2016 | BØRNS, Ballet Flats, and Trader Joe's...

Ok y'all, I know I said I was going to get better about making regular posts and then I failed, but I'm going to stick to posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays now because I have a ton of time on those days (#college!!) so thanks for sticking with me y'all!!

September has been a month of just crazy change and also JOY for me.  My first full month of college has been a lot of growing up, and also a lot of learning about who I am and becoming more confident in that, which is probably cliché but it's so so real!  As far as favorites, I have a very wide array of them this month sooo, let's dive right on in!! 

1 // Psalm 18:19

"He led me to a place of safety, for he delights in me."  I have been really struck by this message this month, especially because of the last part, for he delights in me.  Honestly, how beautiful is that message?  God doesn't just like us, or accept us, or put up with us, y'all he DELIGHTS in us.  Like, he loves us so much he would do anything for us, because he literally rejoices over us.  Y'all, when we wake up in the morning, he is overjoyed to just see us and be with us, and that is just so beautiful to me because 900% of the time I feel like I don't even like myself that much, much less that anyone else likes me, so when I read that God delights, delights, in me, it's just life changing to me!!

2 // Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

I have used this stuff for about a year-ish now, and I just got a new tube (bottle? I feel like tube sounds weird lol) of it before school, and I was reminded all over again of how much I like it.  It honestly makes you look so so super awake and just with it you know?  Love x1000!

3 // BØRNS

I don't know if everyone listens to them and I'm just behind the trend, but y'all this band is so so good.  They sing "Electric Love," which I know was really big a few months ago, but the whole album (which is called Dopamine btw) is just super good, and it's the kind of music that just puts you in a cheerful mood, which is my favorite kind of jam!!

4 // Laura Mercier Radiance Primer

My dear mum gave this to me, and y'all it's honestly so SO good.  I'm honestly not a huge primer person, just because to me I've never used one where I necessarily saw any sort of difference in my makeup, but this one really makes for a noticeable difference.  I find that it just makes my makeup look so so flawless, even when I just use a BB cream overtop it, and I just love the glow it gives, because who doesn't love a glow nowadays right?

5 // Lace Up Ballet Flats

This is prolly my favorite shoe trend like ever, there's just something so feminine and fun about them you know?  I have a brown pair from Target, and then an olive pair from Old Navy, and my friends make fun of me because I usually alternate colors throughout the week and literally only wear my lace up flats.  I mean... the obsession is real y'all!!! 

6 // Trader Joe's Skincare

Ok, I know this sounds weird but y'all trust me, if you haven't tried Trader Joe's lotion and shampoo and other bits, do it ASAP because 1/ it's cheap and 2 / it's just like so good.  My favorites are the Tea Tree Tingle shampoo (soo refreshing smelling and makes your hair feel so nice and fresh) and the Coconut Body Butter... ok y'all, this body butter smells SO freaking good.  If you like the smell of coconut literally drop what you're doing and go buy this because omigoodness it smells like heaven wow I'm just obsessed with it you guys.

And that my friends is my very random and rambly compilation of September faves!! I decided as a challenge to myself I'm going to start doing more makeup tutorials, so stay tuned for that friends!! Hope you all have a very lovely, cozy, autumnal day today!! Talk to y'all very soon!!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Chitchat | #1 | Kylie Jenner, Grace Vanderwaal, and Pumpkins

Hey friends, happy FRIDAY!  I'm so beyond thankful it's finally Friday, it's been one long week, which you can probably tell from this old picture, but I thought it was pretty and I miss my desk at home so I thought I'd use it here hehe.  Anyways I wanted to start a new series of a sort of weekly roundups/just informal chat sessions, aka Friday Chitchats!  So welcome to the very first Friday Chitchat, this is a truly momentous occasion and honestly I'm just feeling very blessed to be a part of this (I've been in the library for four hours and I'm brain dead so if I sound delirious in this it's because I am!!!).

Honestly I feel like this week has just flown by, and I haven't even had time to stop and enjoy it you know?  Like September is almost gone... actually one of my friends got mad at me for saying that, because technically it's only halfway through, but I like to plan ahead you know?  Also, speaking of September, has anyone had a pumpkin spice latte yet?  I haven't but like, it's only a matter of days before I get one y'all.

Ok, let's talk news.  First of all Kylie Jenner's hair.  I'm sorry, don't hate me for bringing this up, but like... I feel like I need some outside opinion on this because honestly I just don't know how to feel about it and I want better for her I just don't know about it you know?

Second of all, I'm obsessed with Grace Vanderwaal and I know I'm not the only one.  Literally, every time I watch her audition video I get chills, like legit chills and I'm gonna be honest I tear up a little. She's just so precious and I feel like she is the future of America you know?

And lastly, and wildly unrelated to Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Kylie Jenner, or Grace Vanderwaal, but I have been praying a lot about peace and how to maintain that peace despite all of the craziness that is college and just life in general.  I don't have the perfect solution or formula that will instantly fill you with peace and joy, but y'all He does, and I promise you, even just sitting in silence with Him fills you with so much true pure JOY and it just makes the stress and pressure of the world fall away, and totally can recenter my soul, and even just quick prayers for peace and joy throughout my day have been changing my mood dramatically.

And that's my lil week rounded up for y'all.  I hope you guys liked this post, I know it's a lot different from what I usually do, but I thought it'd be fun and you know, you gotta keep life interesting am I right?  Anyway, I hope you all have a JOYOUS Friday and a restful weekend, I'll talk to you all very very soon!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My Everyday College Routine | 2016

Happy Wednesday everyone! I don't know about y'all, but I felt like this picture really applied to how I feel right now... I'm asking for a nap for Christmas and it's only September, but a girl can dream right?  I thought I'd write a post about my everyday college routine for y'all since I've started getting into more of a routine now that classes are fully underway! This is my routine for Mondays and Wednesdays as I have classes until 6 pm on those days and it's more of a structured routine!

6:45 (ish) Hopefully I'll wake up to my alarm when it goes off around this time, and I'll force myself out of bed and head straight to the gym to workout, which is always a struggle but ya gotta do it!
9:00 After gym and stretching and all that jazz, I'll either go to the Starbucks on campus for a coffee or I'll go back to my dorm for a nice breakfast, which I'll always eat while watching Gilmore Girls hehe.
10:00 Once breakfast is all done, I shower and get ready for my 11:30!
11:30 Classes start for the day! I have French, Humanities, a first year seminar, and Studio Art, and classes go till 6 today. Usually I'll eat lunch with some friends between French and Humanities too.
6:00 Once I'm finally off of classes, I'll go straight away to eat dinner with some friends or I'll do a nice chill dinner in my dorm if I'm feeling like some alone time.
7:00 I'm not going to sugarcoat this, I'm in the library every single night working, and so is almost everyone else here! So right after dinner I head to the library and usually stay there till 11 or 12, depending on my workload.
12:00 (ish) My goal every night is to be in bed by 12, so usually I just make that and am literally asleep within minutes.

And that's my long, tiring, but fun college day! I'm super lucky to have nice relaxing mornings, that obviously will change next semester, but for now I'm loving my schedule! Speaking of which, I've got to head to class, so I'll talk to you guys later!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

What I Learned in My First Week of College

Hello and happy Saturday everyone!  I hope you all are doing super duper well, I for one am exhausted but surviving!  Yesterday was my official one week mark of college, and I meant to post this yesterday but I was in the library till quite late and then got back and literally just fell asleep, so there's that.  Anyway, I thought I would share some things I have learned in my first week, because I got quite anxious about college as I'm not into partying and I'm quite introverted and it always helped me to hear about people's real life stories about their experience, so here goes!

Do What Makes You Happy

This!!! Is!!! Important!!! I go to a small college, and already I've started to get anxious about getting left out of certain groups or not having friends because I don't want to get drunk every weekend, but I just have to tell myself over and over that the right people will (and have!) come as long as I keep doing what is important to me.

Get Sleep

I've had four days of classes, and already the workload is just super intense.  Maybe some colleges are less intense, but so far all my professors have been super clear that they expect a super high level of work, so me and all my friends have been working our butts off everyday, which is great, but also has been leaving us all pretty drained.  So whenever you get the chance, take a nap or just have a quite session of Gilmore Girls in your bed, just something to recharge.

Trust Yourself

This kinda goes with the first one, but seriously you are the one who is always gonna have your back, if that makes sense.  Basically, in college more than ever, you are on your own and you are in charge of your own happiness, so trust yourself!

Keep the End Goal in Mind

I know college can seem like a chance to just go crazy and have fun and forget all about school, and a lot of people can get caught up in that and forget why they're actually there.  To be fair, I haven't run into a particularly strong desire to go wild, as I'm basically a grandma at heart, but it has been important for me to remind myself that I'm at college to actually better myself as opposed to just taking a lot of cute instagram pictures (tell me someone else relates to that...).

Well y'all, a very tired Mel is signing off on this one, but I do hope this can be helpful to some of y'all and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, September 5, 2016

August/Current Favorites | 2016

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all doing amazingly and have had a wonderful Labor Day!  I actually started classes today, as my school is just a bit weird but it's ok because at least I got all of August off. Anyways, I thought I'd do a little August/current favorites roundup even though it's super duper late, I just feel like these are always the best posts! (P.s. this pic is how I spent the evening after my first day of classes, can you tell I'm ready for fall?)

1 // Barefoot Blonde

Amber Fillerup Clark is just literally goals, you know?  Her family is just beautiful, and I just love her blog overall so much!

2 // Agatha Christie

Have I put Agatha Christie on my favorites before?  Probably, but I've been loving her even more this month, so I had to put it in!  There's just something so comforting about a good mystery you know?

3 // Christmas Lights

It's September, aka time for all things cozy, so obviously I set up some Christmas lights in my dorm as soon as I could and y'all it just made my room so heavenly!

4 // Gilmore Girls

Also another cozy, fall fave.  I don't know what it is about Gilmore Girls, but it's just so cozy and Autumnal to me, so I always turn it on around this time of year.

And those are all of my August/current random favorites, sorry this is a bit of a crap post but y'all I'm so tired after my classes!  Classes didn't start until 11:30 for me, but they went until 6:00 and I got up early to run and workout so not to complain, but y'all Mel is tired today.  So that's my story, I will talk to you kids later!