Monday, August 8, 2016

My School Bag Essentials

Hello everyone!  I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday wherever you are, I know I am!  As it's the second week of August already, I figured it was about time to start rolling out the old back-to-school posts.  As hard as it is to leave summer behind, back-to-school is honestly such an exciting time.  Mainly because of shopping, not so much the actual going back to school, but I mean shopping is shopping right?

So today as my first back-to-school post I thought I'd write about the essentials for survival that you need in your school bag, because I mean school can be a real battle for survival am I right?

1 // Gum

This made the cut for two reasons, 1) I'm addicted to gum and honestly who isn't and 2) because when you have gum everyone knows you get about a million people asking you for some which means you get a million opportunities to make new friends! Yay for new friends!!!

2 // Lip Balm

So essential because if we're all honest here, sometimes a Kylie lip kit can leave your lips feeling like they're going to die of dehydration by 12 pm.

3 // Phone Charger

My phone went through this phase in Junior year where by the time I got to my 1 pm free period, it would be dead, so ever since then I always keep a charger in my backpack in case my phone goes through another stressful phase.

4 // Planner

I mean, this isn't absolutely essential, but to me it is because if I don't write down test dates and stuff like that right away, then it's stressville for me.

5 // Kind Bars, etc.

Basically any kind of semi healthy snack, especially if you have back to back classes all day, eating something will prevent any sort of energy slump and help your lil brain get back into gear!

I feel like this is a pretty basic list of essentials, but I mean without these things in a long school day could cause some sort of meltdown for me so I feel like they're pretty important... Anyways, I hope y'all have a great rest of your day and I'll talk to you very soon!


  1. I'm all about lip balm. I swear my purse has like four in it.

    S .x