Friday, August 26, 2016

Back to School Survival Tips

Hello everyone and a very happy Friday to you all! Random thought, but I watched Zoe Sugg's vlog when she goes to the village she grew up in, and now I just really want to move to an English village, you know?  This also happens every single time I watch The Holiday, also Love Actually... maybe one day I'll live in a Jane Austen-esque village, but for now I'm going back to school in USA so I thought I'd share how I have survived school all these years!

1 // Write Down Everything

I know that there are people all over the place who swear by all digital everything, but for me I have to write stuff down or else I just lose track of it.  From notes to important dates to everything in between, I always write everything down, and this helps me stay on top of school and not forget everything I learn every single day!

2 // Don't Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

Now don't get me wrong, it's important to push yourself to a healthy extent so that you can excel, but this can get out of hand and that's when you'll burn out super quickly.  It always helps me to put everything from grades to social life in perspective, and know that realistically none of it really makes me who I am.

3 // Ask for Help

This is super important and something that honestly I used to hate doing when I was younger. Whether it's a friend or your mom, or a professional tutor, if you're struggling with grasping a subject don't ever hesitate to ask someone to help you, even if it's just calling out terms to you.

4 // Be Serious About Time-Management

This was something I worked super hard at in high school, and it just helped my overall stress levels so much.  If you know how much time you have and how much time you are going to need to apply to different tasks, it can make school so much less overwhelming.

5 // Take Time for Yourself

I've said this before, but it is so so important to take some time each day for yourself when you do just what you want, and don't worry about school in the slightest.  For me, that may be having a nice breakfast where I sit down and read the paper, or having a nice bath, or drawing or reading for a while.  Whatever it is for you, just make sure you take plenty of time for you!

And that's how I survive any semester, no matter how grueling!  Y'all school is a blessing, but it can definitely be so so hard, so I hope this helps some of y'all!  Thank you guys for reading and I will talk to y'all very soon!


  1. Great post! So glad I'm not going back to school. :)

    S .x

    1. Thanks so much!! Ahh that must be nice!! :)