Thursday, May 19, 2016

Summer Beauty Essentials!

Hello everyone!  So, as it's the middle of the May, which still mystifies me as I'm pretty sure it was Christmas yesterday, I thought I would share with y'all a few bits and pieces that I love for the summer.  In summer, I usually have a makeup shift, where I go from doing a lot of full on makeup in the winter to doing lighter and lighter makeup looks as summer comes around, so these are the products I usually rely on to get a natural, glowy look.

I've written before about this product, but I really do like the finish that this product gives, I find that it's glowy and really fresh (as the name suggests haha) and I love how easy it is just to throw on really quickly and easily.

This is so nice for a really simple makeup look, as it gives the most gorgeous rose tint that is just a barely there look, but for some reason I feel like it brightens up my whole face in the most beautiful way.

Sometimes for a more natural look, I find I want less of a full blown highlighter, so this one is a nice happy medium, as it gives a glow, but it's not really an in your face highlight, although I do love some  major highlight!

This is just the best set for a quick and easy bronzey, summery, all around gorgeous look.  As someone who is naturally really pale, and ends up burning rather than tanning, I love turning to products like this to make it appear that I'm some sort of breezy Californian who was born with a gorgeous tan and a natural glow, soo that's my mentality with this one.

I've had this for a really long time, but I always forget about it for some reason, however lately I've been using more, mainly on my lips.  I find it gives the most beautiful natural stain to the lips, it's so fuss free which I love, so I definitely will be using this more and more throughout the summer.

I've just realized that this was in my autumn beauty essentials as well... but I mean, this set is one of my all time favorites, so that just shows how much I love it right?  Seriously, these are the most gorgeous eye shadow shades, and I feel like for summer they're especially beautiful because they're all so beautiful and goldeny/shimmery.

So those are my favorite bits for summer, as far as beauty goes.  I might do another summer essentials post, maybe something clothes wise, although my style is a bit lacking right now, so maybe some random summer essentials instead.  We shall see about that, but I will talk to you all very soon!

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