Monday, May 23, 2016

I Bought SO Many Things...

Soo... I went to Charleston this week and I went to Target and for some reason I just got a bit crazy in the makeup section.  You know when you're in Target and it feels like a normal day, then all of the sudden you realize you need to buy everything?  I hope I'm not the only one who does this... but regardless of my insanity, here is all of the stuff I bought/my rambling opinions on all of them!

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream: Slight disclaimer - this is a sample size, so I think the packaging is a bit different than the normal size!  But y'all... Y'ALL this stuff is so nice, like I put it on my face and automatically was like ummmm this is all I need for my face for the rest of my life.  It's really moisturizing but also isn't thick or oily at all, and the way it melts into your face is just magic, it's just magic I tell you!!

Revlon ColorStay Foundation (Normal/Dry):  I bought this lil thing for two reasons - 1) because everyone loves this and talks about it all the time, and 2) because it has a flipping pump!!  If you are also obsessed with all things makeup like me, you'll automatically understand the struggle of pump-less foundation.  Like why is it even a thing?  Why?  Honestly it's almost worse than the invention of standardized testing, so you know it's bad! Anyways, my thoughts on the actual foundation, I actually think I really like it!  It's sort of drying on my skin for whatever reason, but I like the finish it gives, and I got complemented on my skin soo if that doesn't speak to you I don't know what will!

Maybelline Define-A-Brow:  I actually used to own this in middle school, but I bought the color that was like five shades too light for me, so I got scared and didn't do my brows for like three years.  Anyways, Estée Lalonde mentioned this in one of her videos and compared it to the Anastasia Brow Whiz, so I thought I would buy it again and give it a tentative try.  Blessing of all blessings, I got the right shade this time and actually really like this!  It's super fast, which I like because if I spend too long trying to fix my eyebrows my quality of life really plummets.

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray:  I love this SO so so much oh my gosh.  I had always viewed the perfect beachy hair as something unattainable for me in my life, as every time I go to the beach my hair rebels against me in a not very pretty way.  But this stuff is making all of my dreams come true, no joke!!  It gives hair really nice hold, and I could do so many more braids and stuff with this, plus it gives the most amazing texture!

Nyc Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm and Milan:  This stuff is honestly just so great, it's matte without really being too dry on the lips.  I don't know how to explain it, but you put it on and once it dries, it almost feels like there's nothing at all on your lips, which is so crazy.  I love these two colors, Stockholm is a really nice pinky nude, and Milan is a pretty sort of muted pink!

L'Oréal Infallible Pro Contour Palette:  Ugh... I was probably most excited to try this, but honestly it just was very disappointing in the end.  It's not pigmented at all, like when I tried to swatch it with my finger, all that came off was glitter and the faintest bit of pigment, which is not ideal for a contour product.  I feel like for twelve dollars even, this is not worth your money.  Sorry to be a debby downer, but I mean... I can't contour like Kim if my contour palette isn't delivering you know?

Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer:  I was a little bit worried about this to be honest, mostly because I had tried the Elf mineral infused primer, but the radiant glow version, and I straight up hated it.  It left glitter embedded all over my face, which is just not my jam whatsoever, so I was worried that this one would be similarly disastrous.  Good news though, this lil dude is actually so good!  It really makes makeup go on so lovely and smooth, and I mean, for six dollars, seriously can it get better than that?

Soo that's my slightly overboard Target haul, I was actually so happy with the majority of the stuff I got, so I would call my shopping trip a grand success!  Should probably stop shopping now though... never mind lol never gonna stop shopping.  

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