Sunday, May 1, 2016

April Faves | 2016

Happy Sunday everyone!! And happy May first!  Isn't May first just the best day?  It's just so springy you know?  I feel like I should take part in some springtime celebration, but Asheville doesn't really seem to have those so I'll have to settle with getting iced chai tea instead of hot as my spring celebration.  Anyways, as is my monthly tradition, I'm going to share with y'all a few things that I loved throughout April!

This is such a pretty watermelon pink shade, and plus it's super hydrating and glossy, which I love.  I have been wearing this most days, as it's a really easy shade to just throw on and not have to worry about any fussy application or anything like that!  

I mentioned this in my post about school essentials, but I love this for everything besides school too. I don't know why, but for some reason I just got it into my head that I really wanted a pink legal pad, so I was obviously super excited when I found this in Target (where else?).  It's so cute and also I really like the mini size because I find I never have enough to fill a whole legal pad page most of the time, you know?

This blush is SO gorgeous, like so so pretty.  It has like flecks of gold in it, so it gives you a really pretty glow, and I find it just looks so natural on.  I also just feel fancy using Chanel... I mean it's the little things right?

I bought this a while ago, but I've just started using it a lot this month.  I've been sort of lazy with makeup this month, so for school I've been keeping it super simple, and I've really been liking this product for just giving me the slightest bit of coverage.  It makes my skin look really dewy and fresh, which helps when I look like a ghost in the mornings at school.

With summer coming up, I really wanted to go a little bit lighter with my hair, but I was too lazy to get a hair appointment, so I thought I'd give this a whirl.  Honestly, I'm really pleased with how well this worked!  It's really a nice, subtle change, but it does pull out the blonde in my hair in a really natural way.  So in the end, if you too are too lazy to schedule a hair appointment, hop on over to Target and try this out!

And those are my April favorites... I feel like that's how I end every favorites post... Not really sure how else to spice my endings up, but I hope y'all liked this post!  April absolutely flew by, I always feel like April is so long, but this year I literally don't know where it went.  Summer is almost here guys, now all that's left is to try and work on my tan so that I can wear a bathing suit without blending in to the sand!

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