Friday, April 8, 2016

Goals for April | 2016

Hello everyone! So I was feeling a little inspired this morning to start doing monthly goals blog posts, because I really enjoy reading these on other people's blogs and also I thought it would be a great way to hold myself accountable throughout the month! I thought I would do this every month, and then do sort of a summary of how the last month went in each post, does that make any sense? If it does then that's surprising because my brain still hasn't really woken up today (what else is new though y'all), but anyways let's get right into it!

1 Focus on Eating Clean

I usually actually do eat pretty healthy, but I feel like through the winter my portion sizes got a little crazy, so I really want to focus on keeping myself healthy by controlling that just a little bit.

2 Dedicate an Hour Each Day to AP Studying

For anyone who doesn't know, AP tests are standardized subject tests that happen at the end of the year for Highschoolers who have taken a certain class (don't know if they have these in other countries?).  I took AP European History this year, and the test is coming up on May 6th, so I really want to dedicate myself to this!

3 Focus on One Book of the Bible + Study it

I have never really studied one section of the Bible on my own before, so I thought this would be really interesting to see how that goes.  I'm thinking about studying Matthew, but we shall soon see!

4 Journal as Much as Possible

I told y'all how much I've loved journaling in my March favorites post, but I want to try and journal even more this month.  Being a senior in high school, I really want to try and capture as many memories as I can as this is a chapter of my life that's ending really soon, and I want to be able to look back at this time later on down the road!

I'm feeling pretty good about those goals, hopefully having them up here will hold me accountable, because usually I get pretty slack about goals I set for myself, not gonna lie!  We'll see how this goes, and I hope all of you have a lovely day! 

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