Monday, April 11, 2016

Five Essentials for Surviving School

Hello everyone!  I hope y'all are all having a great Monday wherever you are, and if you're not, Netflix and chocolate are two sure fixes for a bad mood, just a lil life hack for you hehe.  Anyways, as we are all nearing the end of the school year, that means that exams are no doubt already stressing most of us out.  Over the years I've developed about five things that I realized I absolutely need to survive exams, and just school in general.  These are basically stationary essentials, I may do a more random essentials for school in a week or so as I have a lot of those as well.  But for now, on to the stationary essentials!

1 .  Legal Pad

I always forget how much I love legal pads, but they are so convenient for school.  I love keeping them on me to just jot down my plan for the week or any due dates I have.  Also, this pink and gold legal pad from Target is just the cutest thing ever and it makes me feel like Elle Woods which is all I've ever really wanted.

2 .  Mead 5 Star Notebook

This is super basic, but I have always always used these for school, so I thought I needed to include them!  I get one for each subject and keep all my handouts in the little pockets and obviously write all my notes in them.  I like these a lot more than having binders because they take up so much less room and they are nice and easy to stick in a purse or backpack!

3 .  Rollerball Pens

Again, super basic, but I always use rollerball pens because they make my handwriting look better, which is always needed in my life, you know?  Also, these are super cheep which, again, is always something I need in my life.

4 .  Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are SO essential for me when I'm studying, and I'm obsessed with these from  I always use sticky notes to mark pages, or make notes on textbooks without having to mess up my book (gotta keep that resell value high you know).  Also, I love using stickies to mark down any assignments I have that week and chuck it somewhere that I'll have to look at it so I don't forget anything.

5 .  Planner

Planners y'all... so so important, even if you think you can remember every due date and test and essay and meeting in your brain, I'm sorry, but nobody's lil brain can take all that so buy an agenda already!  I use mine all the time, and has the cutest ones ever that are really affordable!

And those are my stationary essentials for school, I hope that y'all enjoyed reading this a lil bit!  I'll talk to y'all soon, and in a week or so I'll do a non-stationary school essentials, aka chocolate and tissue for all the stress tears... jk... or not...

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