Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring Series | Spring Workout Routine

Hello everyone!  Today I thought I'd share with y'all my spring workout routine!  Now, disclaimer, I'm obviously not some certified fitness instructor or anything like that at all, however I do workout out everyday so over time I've figured out what works for me and what doesn't, so hopefully this will be inspiring/helpful to someone out there!

Now that the temperature is rising (its 70 degrees today y'all!!) I can finally get off the treadmill I've been confined to since October and go outside to run, so because of that my whole workout routine gets changed a little bit, so I thought I would share it with y'all!  I usually do my workout in two sections, one for cardio, and one for strengthening:

1 So, the first thing I'll do when I workout is go for a run.  I'm not particularly good at running, but since I've been doing it more, I've come to actually enjoy it instead of wanting to cry each time I put my running shoes on.  Usually I'll do anywhere between three and five miles of running, nothing too fast, just to get a little cardio (and sunshine) in for the day.  Also, running just makes me feel so so good, there's honestly no exercise that compares as far as boosting my mood!

2 Now for the second stage of my workout, this is the kind that is most subject to change, and I sort of just do whatever my mood calls for.  This is where I work on strength, so I'll do legs, abs, etc here. Lately I've been doing twenty-five of whatever exercise comes into my head for each area.  So, for legs I'll do twenty-five squats, squat pulses, sumo squats, sumo squat pulses, bridge lifts, and so on until I've done about fifteen minutes of legs.  Then I'll do the same for abs and arms, until I've done about forty-five minutes of strengthening!  

And that's it!  It's nothing revolutionary, I'd say it's a pretty standard workout all in all, but honestly it makes me feel so good, and the twenty-five thing I've been doing has actually been leaving me so sore, so I mean that's a good sign!  I hope you all enjoyed this little post, and have enjoyed my Spring Series!  I'm gonna go enjoy that sunshine some more, have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

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