Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring Series | Spring Cleaning // Get Organized in 5 Steps

So I decided today I'd start a little springtime series that covers beauty and lifestyle stuff for the spring, because, why not?  So to  start things off I thought I'd do a walk through on how to get organized for the spring, because it's just the time to get your life together, isn't it?  Not too sure why it is honestly, but it just always feels right to start a major overhaul of your life's possessions right around spring.  Honestly, I'm really good at organizing, like it's kind of weird honestly.  I think I just go into this phase and I lose all emotional attachment to objects, so I can just chuck a bunch of stuff in the trash and be fine with it, which may sound crazy to some of y'all, but believe me you'll feel SO much better when you get a load of junk out from under you!  So here are 5 steps I usually go through to get organized!

1 Have Trash Bags Handy
     This may sound like a no-brainer, but it's really so important to go ahead and be ready to throw stuff away before you start looking at all of it.  I find it much easier to part with something when I can just throw it in a bag, rather than having it laid out in a pile where I can easily snatch it back and put it in my closet again!

2 Be Honest
     It's so so easy for me to be cleaning out my closet or my books or something and know deep down that I haven't used something for so long, and probably never will again, but for some reason want to keep it anyway because I "just forgot I had it."  Honestly, if you haven't used something for over 6 months, there is probably no good reason to keep it around, and it probably will just sit around for 6 more months if you don't move it on out of your life.

3 Try Not to Take it in Chunks
     I know this seems counterintuitive, because a lot of organization guide things tell you to break it up into easy chunks and spread the process over a few days, however I almost never do this (neither does the author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, so you know it's real!) because I find I lose inspiration if I let a day go by.  It's so much easier to finish organizing in one big go, even if it takes the majority of the day, than doing little bit by little bit and feeling like it's taking years to finish.

4 Don't Doubt Your Gut-Feeling
     If you're first reaction when you pick up something is to get rid of it, do it.  Just put it in the garbage bag, and don't feel bad.  If you don't love something the minute you pick it up, there's no need for it in your life.  Also, if you find yourself trying to justify keeping something, it's probably ready for that something to find a new home, if you really need/like something you don't have to go through a million justifications for keeping it!

5 Stay Positive
     This sounds so cheesy, but honestly whenever I've helped other people organize, I notice that the main obstacle to get over is not getting discouraged.  It's so easy to look at a pile of stuff (or multiple piles of stuff!) and feel like getting through all of it would be as hard as climbing Mt. Everest.  But honestly, the more time you spend looking at all your stuff, the less time you spend actually accomplishing your goal, so just take a deep breath and grab one item and decide if you want to keep it or move it on.  I find that when I get overwhelmed, I just have to grab any item and start there otherwise I can get sucked into the hole of just sitting in my room surrounded by mountains of stuff that I didn't even know existed!

So those are my tips to help!  I'm obviously not a professional organizer or anything like that, but I honestly do a big organizing spree of my room about once every three months, so after years of doing this, I've kind of developed my own methods!  Honestly, I find that the more stuff I get rid of/donate, the better I feel.  Like honestly, it feels like a weight gets lifted off my chest!  Also, if this helps motivate you to tackle the beast that is organizing, the more old and worn out stuff you get rid of, the less guilt you feel shopping for cute new things that actually make you happy!  Silver linings y'all!! Have a great Thursday y'all!

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