Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Series | Review of Drugstore Haul!

Hello everyone and happy Monday!  It's so pretty out my heart is melting (just like the snow lol).  So I did my drugstore makeup review on Friday I think, and since then I've had a chance to try out all of the products, so I thought I'd do a little review because I always feel a little let down after a makeup haul because I want to know if the products are actually good, you know?  Am I the only one?  Well hopefully I'm not, because here are my reviews on each of the products!

I've never tried out a concealer with a brush instead of a standard little wand, but I kind of liked it!  It took me a second to figure out how to actually deal with the little paint brush situation, but I mean, I feel good about it now.  As for the actual concealer, I really really liked it!  It's pretty heavy, so just be warned that it is for sure full coverage, but it does give a really flawless look to the face and a nice highlight-y effect which I love.

Love this y'all.  Absolutely obsessed with this shade, this formula, everything about it!  It's a really super gorgeous pink-y nude, and I'm so happy with it!  Although, I feel like it's not the most moisturizing lipstick, so just make sure you moisturize your lips before applying it, and you'll be perfecto!

So, if y'all read my last post you would know that this is my first lip pencil, so granted I don't have a lot of basis for this review!  That being said, this was a little tricky to apply mostly because it was just so dry.  Like, not velvety at all, so it really didn't glide well over the lips at all.  However, I mean I really love the shade, and the combo of this and the 017 lipstick, it was just a little hard to put on, which could be standard to lip pencils, but I'm not too sure!

I've already talked about how good this stuff is, so there's not too much point in going into it again, if you wanna read more about it, I wrote all about it in this post!

I liked this powder a lot, when I put it on to set my concealer I did feel like it gave a nice matte and smoothed over look.  In all honesty though, it didn't stand out to me as an OMG life changing powder, you know?  Like for the four dollars I paid for it, it's for sure a quality item, but it's not anything particularly life changing!

So, yes I have tried this before and yes I have loved it, however this was my first time using the brightening shade, which as far as I know is a new thing, but don't hold me to that!  Let me just say, I love this shade so much.  Like so so so so so much.  I mean it really does brighten, and the concealer's formula is so good y'all, like I felt like I was putting a very high budget concealer on my face.  Seriously if you want a brightening concealer for your under eye area, try this one, I pinky promise you will be seriously wowed y'all!!

Well I hope this helps some of you out there on your next trip to the drugstore to try out some new makeup!  All in all, I'm very happy with everything I got, especially the Maybelline concealer wowowow.  Y'all my parting word to you today is to go try that stuff.  Seriously, do it.  OK, those were my parting words, sooo see y'all soon, peace out!!


  1. Never used it!Do you want to be friends with me on bloglovin? If yes, just follow me and I'll follow your blog back ASAP!<3

    1. Just followed your blog, love it!! :)

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  2. I'm desperate to try the Maybelline age rewind, but I haven't gotten around to picking it up. Good to see a lot of Rimmel in here though, definitely my favourite high street brand! If you wear liquid eyeliner theirs is one of the best waterproof ones out there.

    Sammy xo.

    1. Honestly it is my favorite concealer, and the brightening one is really so amazing!! I love Rimmel so much, I haven't tried their liquid eyeliners yet but now I for sure will! Also, your blog is amazing!! :)