Friday, March 4, 2016

Spring Series | (mini) Spring Drugstore Makeup Haul

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!  We did it!  We made it to another weekend!  If that doesn't merit a bowl of ice cream with your Netflix marathon tonight I don't know what does.  Is anyone else feeling under the weather right now?  Because honestly I hardly ever get sick but yesterday I felt so sick with a sore throat and a really bad fever, and I feel like it must be going around because my brother at college had the same thing going on!  Anyway, unfortunate illnesses aside, I feel kind of guilty about this because I have been trying not to spend a lot of money lately, and I've been doing well (!!), but today I broke down.  Ugh, you know when you just need one thing, and you go into CVS and in order to get your one thing you gotta walk by all these makeup counters?  I don't know about y'all but something always happens to me during this walk, as evidenced by this post!  Anyways I thought I'd show y'all the few things I got today!

As much as I love the Match Perfection Foundation, I thought I might as well give the concealer a go as well!  Also, lately for school I haven't been doing foundation, I've just been sticking to concealer so I wanted to start trying out a few new ones!

I picked this up because I've been looking for a nice pinky-nude shade, and this looked so amazing. Plus, the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks are honestly amazing, they're one of my favorite drugstore lipstick lines ever!

Ok, I got this for two reasons: 1) I've never ever tried a lip liner, which is so weird so I thought now was the time to commit a first and 2) I thought it would look really pretty with the above lipstick, right?  Also, just loving this pinky-nude trend I've got going on!

This is an old favorite of mine, and I featured it in my top 3 drugstore mascaras post, but I had run out of it so this is just a boring 'ol repurchase.  Actually, I've repurchased this about three or four times now, so trust me when I say, this stuff is amazing.

I just realized this whole haul is all Rimmel except for one thing... #fail.  I hope that's not too boring for y'all too read haha!  Anyways, I bought this because I always hear about people loving it, but I've never gotten it for one reason or another, but today I bit the bullet, so I'm excited to see if this lives up to the hype!

So the whole reason I actually went to the store was to repurchase this, as I'm nearly out of my old one, but when I got there I noticed they had two new shades of this, one was a neutralizer and one was a brightener.  The neutralizer was kind of yellowy and this one is kind of pinky, so I went for this one just because I wanted to see if it does a good job brightening.  I'm kinda thinking about going back and trying the neutralizing one too, just cuz I'm interested!!

And that's the haul!  Sorry it's basically a Rimmel only haul, I did not plan it like that at all and I hope it wasn't too boring!  But I'm quite excited to try these products out in some new springtime makeup looks, and I will keep y'all updated on what I think of all of the products!

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