Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February Favorites | 2016

Hellooo everyone!! Happy Tuesday... is it just me or is Tuesday just always a grey, dreary day? Like it has all of the bad qualities of Monday, and its only real redeeming quality is that its closer to Friday but I mean really? Is it really that much closer because from here it feels like about a year til Friday rolls around.

But despite the fact that its Tuesday, its also the first of March which makes me SO happy y'all have no idea. And it was warm today and yesterday, and the birds are out, and I didn't need an eskimo jacket to make the trek from my car to the school building.  All good things all good things (wow I just quoted Olaf who am I right now). The first of March also means... February favorites *claps enthusiastically*!! So without further ado, here are the coolest things to happen in February!

So these two brushes came in the Sculpt and Blend 2 set from BH cosmetics, which I ordered about a month ago, and have been testing out ever since.  Honestly, for the price, I think that the whole set was really quality and I feel like they blend really well, and the don't shed which is SO good.  These two are the ones I really really like though, 124 is the bigger one and its for powdering, and then 125 is for contouring.  I mainly use 124 for bronzer because I feel like it is pretty dense for putting powder on, but it really works amazingly if you want a soft sort of diffused bronze to your face.  124 is just stellar for contouring and I find its just the perfect size for those ol cheekbones!

Soo I went to Mexico for about a week earlier this month, and as I'm quite pale, I wanted a bronzer for when I got there so I didn't look too much like a ghost, and this one is actually really good for the price.  I like that its not too dark and it blends really nicely on my skin.  It does have a tiny bit of shimmer, which I don't tend to be a fan of, but it honestly doesn't even show up on the skin, so high marks for this lil guy from me!

I usually hate painting my nails SO much, but I've been making myself do it lately because I've been trying to get better at it, and this nail polish is actually so easy to use and looks so so good on.  Like, I'm not even joking, this nail polish is a little bit life changing.  Just a little bit.  Also, it's like two dollars a bottle and it's such high quality, so how can you go wrong?

This was another product I brought to Mexico with a tan in mind (lol), and I was really happy with this product.  It really does last for a long time, honestly it's not like some sort of liquid lipstick that doesn't budge at all, but for what it is it really does last.  My only problem with this is that the color comes off kind of funny on my lips, not like it looks bad, but it just comes out a little more vibrant than it looks in the tube.  BUT I still love it and have been wearing this almost every day to school!

Not too sure why, but I've been loving a lot of brown-y shade lipsticks in February, and this one was my go to.  It's SO buttery and amazing, and the color is just so pretty.  It's brown, without being too severe, and it just is so so flattering and lovely!

This is another sort of brown toned lipstick, but I would say this one is just a smidgen darker than the Model Co one, but is just as moisturizing and buttery on the lips.  I feel like I alternate between this one and the Model Co one and the Wet n Wild balm almost every single day, so basically these lip products are nO joke y'all!!

For some reason I feel like this has been in every single one of my favorites... has it?  Who knows, all I know is I have loved this perfume and I still love it some I'm just gonna write about it yet again.  It has the most unusual scent, but honestly it's SO beautiful and fresh and it's so weird because literally everyday when I put it on, it's like I've forgotten how good it smells because it makes me so happy every single day!  So much love honestly, so much love.

And that's the stuff I've been lovin throughout the whole month of February.  Now, my friends, we go on to brighter and warmer months, thank goodness!  Although, a very sassy friend of mine told me yesterday that we live in Asheville and it most likely won't get really warm for like a good month, but honestly, can I just pretend?  Plus the robins are here sooo I'm not the only one thinking spring right? Anyways hope you all have a lovely first day of March!! 

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