Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentines Day 2016 Shopping Inspiration

Well y'all, it's almost Valentines Day, and we all know what that means... I get to wear more pink than I already do!  Oh and also I get to eat chocolate all day, which is basically what I do every holiday but I mean what's a holiday without chocolate, right?  Honestly the main reason I love Valentines Day is because of the color scheme... is that sad?  I don't know, but who doesn't love pink and red together?  So, in honor of this honorable holiday, I've been doing a little online browsing (what else is new?) and I found some things to add even more cuteness into your February 14th! Hope y'all enjoy, and hope y'all have an amazing day full of pink and hearts and red and chocolate and all things happy!

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