Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016 Favorites | Sticky notes, Contouring, and More...

Good morning and happy February y'all!  It's so weird that it's now the second month of 2016... honestly confused about why we don't have flying cars yet, but whatever *sigh.*  Anyway, apart from my sadness over the lack of flying cars, January was a pretty good month, full of trying to stop eating Christmas candy and trying to start working out again, #thestruggle.  Throughout these trials, these are a few of the products that I loved loved loved throughout the month!


This sticky note set just made me so happy this month.  Seriously, isn't this just the cutest thing ever?  I feel like my desk is just 100x brighter/trendier/cooler with this lil set on it, and also my notes look cooler too, sooo basically these sticky notes make me a cool kid, right? 

Sooo, I think this was in my December favorites too... #awkward.  BUT, I wanted to feature it again because I've still been loving it and I've started using all of the shades in new ways that have been totally totally amazing.  The peach eyeshadow shade is seriously so gorgeous, especially with a brown eyeliner!  I'm going to Mexico in a week, and I will for sure take this with me because it just has everything you could need right there, plus a ginormous mirror (as evidenced above, it's big enough to take selfies in y'all!).

This lipstick from Clinique, which is sadly no longer available (similar here, twilight nude), is what I have been wearing basically every single day.  It looks super brown in the tube, but it comes off on the lips looking very subtle and rosy, and is really moisturizing, so I've just been absolutely loving this!

This palette is one I have been reaching for 5/7 days of the week this month.  It has amazing matte shades, which is amazing because usually if I'm going to wear eyeshadow to school, it will probably be matte, just because its simple and quick to do.  These are also really pigmented eyeshadows, which is always a plus!

E.l.f.'s Contour palette is a pretty new purchase, but honestly I was sold right by the first use.  The powders are really nice and smooth, and all of the colors just work really well.  Usually I'll use the yellow-y shade for under my eyes, to set the concealer, then I'll use the dark brown shade for contouring and the lighter brown for bronzing, then I'll dust the highlight shade on my cheekbones, and all in all, it just gives the most amazing effect!

This facial oil by Andalou Naturals is honestly sunshine in a bottle.  If you're thinking I'm a crazy person for putting straight oil on my skin, especially in the middle of a breakout, I've been there too, but hear me out!  I was super skeptical about putting oil on my face, but when I used this literally my breakout was 50% better by the morning.  Its a miracle and I don't understand it but I love it.  I put this on after washing my face at night and use it as my night moisture product, as I do think it needs a long while to soak into your skin, but y'all it's SO worth it!

And that, my friends, is my January 2016 favorites!  I'm so excited for February, especially because we're having the most amazing spring weather in N.C. right now, here's hoping this keeps up until Summer, am I right?

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