Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Makeup Collection // How I Organize My Makeup

Aloha friends!  I hope y'all are all doing wonderfully today!  It's still cold here, surprise surprise.  But, big news y'all, I'm going to Cancun in three weeks!  I am SO excited.  Basically the thought of 70+ degree weather is really keeping me going right now.  

Anyways, today I thought I would share with y'all my makeup collection and a few organization tips that I have!  I'm not sure if this is a "normal" size makeup collection, or if there even is a normal size for someone's makeup collection/if it even matters, but I just thought it would be fun to share this lil tidbit of my life!

This is the first drawer of my collection, and in it I keep mostly my palettes, but also a few other random things that I couldn't really find a place for in the other drawer.  In the big basket I keep all of my palettes, I have my Naked3, the Too Face Natural Eyes one, my favorite Benefit World's Most Glamorous Nudes one, along with a few others.  In the small little glass jar to the left I keep eyeliners, I only have about 5 or so, which is why it looks so sad over there lol.  In the little wooden basket I keep cream eyeshadows and also that random little Clinique duo that didn't go anywhere else, so I just chucked it in there.

This is the top of my counter in my bathroom, where I keep brushes and perfumes on this little antique tray.  As you can see I keep my brushes in a mason jar, I actually don't have many brushes and am on the hunt for good ones to add to my collection as of the moment!  My beauty blender is also awkwardly chilling right there, because I don't really know how to store it if we're going to be honest here.  To the left of the brushes are all of my perfumes, including my Brooks Brothers one, which I wear all. the. time.  Then to the right of my brushes I keep my bubble baths, one of which is by Illume and smells like Christmas, and its honestly so so amazing.

And finally, this is the second drawer of my makeup collection.  This drawer is such a random mish-mosh of literally everything.  I really like these baskets because they're tall so the products can be stood up, and they have just the right amount of little compartments for all ma stuff.  Starting on the left, in the very top corner square I keep foundations and concealers, in the next square down I keep all my mascaras, and in the bottom one I keep the rest of my foundations and concealers.  Then in the big long thing I keep all my lip products, with lipsticks stood up and glosses and chubby stick type things lying down.  Then in the basket to the right, starting in the top left square, I keep my powders, which is a pretty slim category in my collection!  Then in the square below that one I keep any brow products I might have, then below that I keep a few odd bronzer things.  Then in the long part, I keep any and all blush/highlight products.  Honestly I have a lot more blushes than I realized, which is weird because I never remember buying a lot of blushes, but I guess I did, maybe in my sleep or something?

And that's my collection!  I don't know how useful my organization methods are, but so far they've been working for me!  I hope y'all thought this was exciting... am I the only one who gets excited watching other people's makeup collections?  Maybe...Probably...

Hope y'all are having a great day and aren't too cold!



  1. You're so much more organized than I am. Then again, you have a lot more than I do. I kind of have everything stuffed into a bin and a makeup bag on my sink counter. :)

    S .x

    1. Oh my gosh, believe me it took a long time to get to this point of semi-organization!! Your blog is lovely by the way! :)