Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Series | Cozy Holiday Night Routine

As Christmas is fast approaching, I love to have cozy pamper nights more and more.  The dropping temperatures aren't helping with my growing obsession, but I'm not complaining, as last week it was 70 degrees, which doesn't really feel like Christmas to me, you know?

Anyways, here is my usual layout for a nice cozy pamper evening around the Christmas season...

1 // I always start out my pamper evenings with a nice warm bath, which is one of my favorite things to do ever.  Usually I will put some bath salts in there, and put on a nice movie, usually something that makes me feel happy, like Elf or While You Were Sleeping

2 // After my bath, I take off my makeup.  Lately I have been sticking to the same products I mentioned in my November Favorites post, which are Obagi face wash and Everyday Coconut face lotion.  I start with the Obagi cleanser, then I use Vaseline on a Q-tip (weird, I know) to remove any leftover eye makeup.  Next I apply the Everyday Coconut face lotion, then finish with the coconut Chapstick, which I've been loving

3 // Once my face is primed for the night, I'll change into some comfy pajamas, put on some wool socks (these are the best!), and get into my bed!  Then I'll either watch some Friends or Parks and Rec on Netflix, or I'll read whatever book I'm currently reading (right now its all Agatha Christie!) and read/watch for about an hour or so.  Usually I'll light a candle here, and all my christmas lights that I have strung around my bed are on, which gives a cozy glow to my room

4 // After a bit of reading/watching, I will wrap up my evening with a quiet time of praying and reading the Bible.  This is the best thing to put me at peace and give me joy to finish my day and my cozy evening!

And thats all folks!  Hope you all enjoyed it, and I hope you guys are having a wonderful Christmas season!


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