Thursday, November 19, 2015

Product Review: Laura Mercier Lip Glacé

So on Tuesday I took a little trip to the makeup counters at my local department stores, and I found some lovely things as always.  The highlight of my trip was visiting the Laura Mercier counter, as I actually don't have that much experience with her products, and let me tell you, I was blown away completely.  Just testing some of her products was like an other worldly experience.  Her powders are so smooth that they almost feel creamy, and everything is always in the most gorgeous packaging.  One thing I did purchase was a set of mini Lip Glacés which are her lipglosses, and I absolutely loveeee them.  Here are the two shades I was particularly blown away with:

The left is in the shade Bare Pink, and the right is in Azalea.  I just love these two, they give the prettiest natural sheen to your lips and really brighten up your face.  The formula is amazing as well, because it doesn't feel sticky or heavy on your lips, and it actually has incredible lasting power for a gloss.  Highly highly recommend these, and I think these shades especially are so lovely for the holidays!

Hope y'all are having a rocking Friday eve!


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