Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Favorite Fall Nail Colors

Today is such a perfect cozy fall day, its rainy and grey, cold and gloomy, and the trees are the perfect red and yellow color. Inside the heat is on high and I'm wearing my favorite sweatshirt, and thinking about what color to paint my nails, which is obviously what prompted this post! So here are a few favorite Autumnal shades that I favor around this time of year:

Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat

Before I add the polish, I always use this base coat by Essie. I love how this keeps my nails strong and prevents them from flaking and tearing, which are the worst and tend to happen a lot to my nails the more I paint them, so this is a must!

Revlon 721 Raven Red

This is a really nice, classic red color. It's a little bit darker, and is not too orange-y, which makes it perfect for Fall. Also, Revlon is tied with Essie as my favorite nail polish brand, their polishes are always top quality, and they have a crazy range of colors.

Essie 288 Big Spender

This is a really pretty pink thats not too bright, while still having a really nice berry sort of color. I'm really obsessed with this color because I think it complements a lot of skin tones, and is a little bit different from other berry pink colors as its a little more pink-y if that makes sense!
Essie 710 Stylenomics 

Oooh this color is so cool. It paints on quite dark, almost black, which at first made me so nervous, but I ended up quite warmed to the idea. I think going this dark on the nails looks really elegant this type of year, and I love how this isn't straight up black, but is a really pretty, dark hunter green.

Essie 360 Devil's Advocate

It's hard to tell from my picture, but this color is a really dark, eggplant-y purple. It looks really pretty on, and like the previous color is also quite dark, which as I said before was quite a risk for me. I say, if you're gonna take risks, the nails are a good place to start, eh? 

Well I hope this little post will inspire some of you to get out there and put a little Autumn on your fingers and toes! Happy Fall!

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