Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Very Tay Swift Halloween

I know I'm not alone in my love for Taylor Swift, I mean, how could you not love her? And so, in recent days much of my thoughts have been devoted to Halloween costume planning as I have made up my mind to not get caught in the age old fallback costume of the bedsheet ghost. In my exhaustive planning I was struck by sudden brilliance - Taylor Swift music video costume? Say no more, I'm on board. And so, here are a few ideas I thought up:

Look 1: Shake It Off Video

I love this look, its a little bit Audrey Hepburn, and you'll show up at your party looking darn cute with your red lip and classic cat eye. Also, I chose this lip color, which is Dragon Girl by Nars, because Tay said on Tumblr the other day that this is the shade she uses (heart eyes, sign me up, take my money, etc.).

Look 2: Blank Space Video

Ahhhh crazy Tay in the Blank Space video... classic, iconic, favorite forever. For added bonus points, smear your mascara and ruffle your hair to further finish that "they'll tell you I'm insane" look.

Look 3: Bad Blood Video

OMG this look... if you want an excuse to dress like a killer spy lady, this is your answer. Add some cool spy gear if you have any lying around the house (as one does) and call up your girl gang and start coordinating outfits already!

Look 4: Wildest Dreams Video

Ugh I loved this video so much... the glamour, Scott Eastwood, the outfits, Scott Eastwood, the amazing story, Scott Eastwood. You get the idea. If you really wanna bump this look up a few notches, bring along your dog dressed as a lion... or Scott Eastwood if he's free. He hasn't answered my calls yet but I'm sure he's just busy, right?

Happy Taylor Swift Halloween to you all, go get busy watching makeup tutorials for the perfect cat eye ok?

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