Saturday, April 29, 2017

College Morning Routine | Spring 2017

Hellooo everyone!  And also, happy Saturday, the best of all days!  Today, I'm in my room all by myself because my roommate is out of town (sniff sniff) so I'm taking advantage of this free time to break my blog hiatus and write about my morning routine for the spring semester of my freshman year.  Y'all... I only have three weeks of freshman year left, how is that real?  We had to register for fall classes on Thursday, which led to me having an existential crisis and realizing I have no idea what I want to do with my life, BUT it's ok, my dad told me I could move to Belize and have an advice booth like Lucy in Charlie Brown, so... I guess that's my plan?  Anyways, my first class is at 8:30, so I wake up pretty early and yes, my first thought every morning is always "I'm gonna need a nap today."

6:30 am: Riseeee and shine!!  I get up, take my probiotic gummies (they are for 2-4 year olds, but my mom thought I needed them, and I chose to not question it because, gummies), wash my face and brush my teeth, and put on my makeup and clothing of choice.  Usually I keep my makeup pretty simple during the week, and stick to a strictly jeans and some sort of simple tee because, honestly my brain doesn't really work at 6:30am, ok?

7:45am: At this point I grab my backpack, make sure I didn't wake up my roommate (I sound like an elephant in the morning y'all), and head out the door.  I always go to our little coffeeshop on campus and get a cup of coffee (with soy milk #lactoseintolerant!!) and take a little time before my 8:30 to read the news and reply to snapchats (snappin is a full time job ok).

8:20am: Then, once I've read and snapped and gotten my life in order, I head off to Statistics, and then after that to English at 9:30, and get my morning dose of learnin into my brain.

10:30am: Since I don't usually have a super huge appetite in the morning, I usually just get a cup of coffee or tea, but this always leaves me absolutely famished by the time english gets out at 10:30, so I usually just go grab a little breakfast at the dining hall after class.  After that, I guess it's technically the afternoon soooo then I go about the rest of the day, which usually involves a nap and me stressing about my accounting class...

And that's my mornin' routine!  It's pretty simple... and most days I spend so long sitting on my futon after I turn my alarm off (because really really tired) that I usually have to kick it into a little bit more of speed racer mode.  But anyways, that's all folks!  I hope you all are having the best Saturday today!

Monday, April 3, 2017

March Favorites | 2017

Hello hello and LONG time no see!  I've had an absolutely crazy past two months at school, spring semester just took off like a rocket and I've been running to keep up ever since it started!  But now I'm on spring break and I'm chilled out, meaning I have time to re-pump my creative juices and start writing here again ptl!  As it is now April (which I cannot get over) I thought I'd do a little March roundup as one does!

1 // The Group by Mary McCarthy

This is on a list of 20 books that I've tasked myself with reading this year, so I bought it back in January and have been reading bits when I have the time, but this past week I really sat down and powered through the last bit, and let me just tell y'all, this book is SO good.  I even passed it on to my mom to read, and she's picky about books, and even she loved it, so you know it's good!  It's sort of a funny social commentary on the way women faced modernity in the thirties and forties, focusing on a group of Vassar graduates in New York City.  I started it for the vintage NYC setting, and I stayed for the absolutely golden writing and characters.

2 // "Happy Folk" on Spotify

This playlist has just been getting me through endless hours of midterm studying this past month.  It's all upbeat and energetic, so I don't get bored, but it's also not generic pop where I kind of get distracted because I'm singing along, so really it's just a wonderful little medium.

3 // Daily Verse App

I'm the worst because I don't know the exact name of this app, but I think if you search daily Bible verses in the app store, you should come up with a bunch of free options.  Basically all this does is give you a daily Bible verse with a beautiful background, but I just love opening it basically every time I open my phone, I just love the peace it brings and it's a nice little way to get in a quiet moment throughout the day and to just calm your mind for a second, which is so necessary to me going through hectic school days as I find I'll be getting into bed at midnight realizing I haven't stopped once all day!

I think that's it y'all... but I'm super excited to be back round here and writing, and I will see you all very soon! Enjoy this very very rainy Monday!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday Seven | February 4 2017

Hello everyone and happy Saturday! I've been on break in between interim and spring semester this week, and I feel like half of me is so ready to get back into a routine and being productive, but the other half of me is still needing another month of napping... I'm such a baby! Anyways, no matter what, come Monday morning at 6 AM I'll be up, so I'm just gonna run out and stock up on some coffee tomorrow... just in case!! I feel like it would be fun to do a little weekly roundup each week on Saturdays of seven things that I loved, was interested in, was confused by, or just maybe remembered reading in some random snapchat article, over the course of the week! I always like reading these posts, so here goes!

This was the App Store's app of the week this week, and as it was something I'd thought about for a while but didn't really want to spend two dollars on (why can I spend $5 on coffee but not $1 on an app??), I was excited to get it for free! And y'all, it's actually SO nice! As someone who literally drags their feet every single day about drinking water, I love this as a nice little reminder to stay hydrated. And it gives you a cute little animation with your water level as you go through the day, and as a very visual person, this helps me stay on track so much!

2 // Bullet Journaling

I have officially hopped on the trendy tumblr bandwagon of bullet journaling as of this week!! The thing that always held me back is that I would get so annoyed because my handwriting never looked as artsy as the tumblr pictures... but I finally threw it all to the wind and made a little bullet journal, and I really love it so far! Mine is honestly nothing fancy, but I like how I just drew it up how I wanted, and so far it really has kept me organized!

3 // Lara Bars

I bought this big variety pack of Lara Bars off Amazon to have for school, because I just think these are absolutely amazing to keep in your backpack when you haven't got time and you're rushing all around and then all the sudden you're so hungry you feel like you may go into an automatic nap right there on the spot (does this happen to anyone else??).  Also, I love how simple the ingredients are in these, but also how amazing they taste too!!

I started reading this book by Emily Ley just off hand because a friend had it laying in their room while I was waiting for them, and it was just automatically a God send for me.  I don't know how to explain it, but this book just fills you with real genuine peace and joy, and I just think it's absolutely amazing.

In the same vein, this book by Lysa Teurkeurst, is absolutely wonderful and really strikes all the right cords in my heart when I need it most.  Especially if you're someone (like me!!) who struggles with the eternal feeling of being "not enough" this book will honestly change your life and your world!!

6 // Pinterest

I don't know why, but I've just been reallllly obsessed with Pinterest lately... but I mean, who isn't??  I always feel really proud of my boards and pins, which I feel like is a weird and vaguely sad thing to feel proud of, but whatever y'all I'm living life to the fullest ok?

I am SO obsessed with Rosie and her beautiful blog!! I started researching for studying abroad in London, which is currently in the ol five year plan, and then I stumbled across her blog and honestly, if I wasn't sold on studying abroad in London before, then reading her blog had me wanting to go next week!!

And that's my first little roundup done... even though now it's technically Sunday but such is life such is life!! Have a wonderful day/night/whatever wherever you are!!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Kylie Jenner Bronze Palette Review | 2017

Hello everyone, and happy Sunday!  I cannot believe it's almost the end of January 2017... I feel like I've had a sort of slow start to the year, especially because my college does a January term, so I haven't had school to kick me into high gear.  I think it's probably nice though that I've been able to be slow and relaxed for the first month of the year, even though it's kind of hard for my personality to feel good about it, but I am working on being ok with taking things slooooow... Anyways, this Christmas I was SO excited about getting the Kylie Jenner Bronze palette, like y'all, SO excited.  I'm first of all just a massive Kardashian fan, and also I've heard so many good things about this palette, so it was just a really big moment for me.  I thought I'd just share some of my thoughts on it, because I mean, who doesn't want to hear more about the Kardashian family (I know a lot of people don't ok but let's just pretend everyone does)?

First of all, I think that this palette is actually really well priced (I believe it's around $40) for the quality.  A lot of palettes that are higher end go for at least $50, so I was quite excited about that.  I know a lot of people aren't massive fans of the packaging, but I honestly don't mind it, I think it's very Kylie so if that's not your thing then you probably won't think it's that awesome in all honesty.  It's about the size of a CD case, and it's super thin, which is nice because it's so easy to take with you traveling in a makeup bag. 

The actual shadows themselves are SO good y'all.  They're so pigmented, it's honestly amazing.  I'm a massive fan of the color selection too, honestly at first I was doubtful of some of the orangey colors, but I tried them out and they're actually so wearable and flattering on.  Another thing I was doubtful about was the lack of more metallic/shimmery shades, as that's what I usually love to put on.  This is a mostly matte palette, but I actually love the matte shades way more than I thought I would.  Lately I've just been blending a matte shade into my crease and calling it a day, and these mattes all blend so well and look so amazing on.

All in all, if you're needing a new palette, or just want to try this one out, but you've been doubtful about purchasing it, I would say definitely give it a go!  I did get a lot of judgement for having a Kylie Cosmetics product, and I'll admit a tiny part of me was doubtful about it, but once I put it on y'all, I was totally sold.  It's totally worth the $40, and also it's just such a beautiful palette, and I've truthfully been using it everyday since I got it!

And that's all for today y'all!  I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday, and are enjoying the last bit of January!  I'll be back next week, I've been super inconsistent with my posting, but as school starts in the next week, I'll be able to get back on more of a schedule!  Have a wonderful week y'all!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Goals + Thoughts

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! I know I'm probably the last of the world to write about New Year's Resolutions as it's now January 8th, but I'm just going to go along with it anyways!  I feel like 2016 was a weird mix of emotions for everyone, so I'm just really excited for this new year, and I honestly hope it brings so much joy and peace to everyone.  I got really excited about resolutions this year, so here goes!

1 // Read More

This was definitely a goal in 2016, but it was definitely one that I didn't exactly stick to.  I found that whenever I was faced with scrolling through my phone or picking up a book, I always just picked up my phone and would end up wasting hours.  So this year, I made a list of 20 books I want to read, which is a little bit ambitious, but I have already gotten one book read, so I'm feeling good about it so far!

2 // Spend Less Time on Social Media

To achieve this one, I actually removed Instagram from my phone for the month of January, which every single one of my friends laughed at because they think I'm going to be weak and re-download it, but y'all I'm going strong so far!  Also, I honestly don't miss it that much, and it feels like kind of a relief to not be constantly looking at what everyone else is doing all the time, you know?

3 // Be More Intentional About Spending Time With People

This sort of ties in with the less social media thing, because it's so easy to be sitting with family and friends and just be scrolling through your phone and wasting valuable time with loved ones. Thinking back, I've spent so much time doing that, so I'm dedicated this year to being intentional about spending quality time with loved ones.

4 // Stand Up for Myself + My Choices

I think it's just so important this year to stop wasting time beating myself up for not always doing what everyone else is doing, and to just be confident in who I am and what I love doing, and not let anyone guilt me into feeling bad for it!

5 // Be Open to Joy

This year I just want to be especially open to the joy and peace that God has for me, and to not doubt what he has in store.  I want to not cut myself off from that and get lost in the thought process of not being good enough for His joy, and to instead just embrace it all because He loves us that much!

And those are about them, and I'm just really hoping you all are having a great 2017 so far.  Also, I hope you're all watching the Golden Globes and loving them as much as I am right now!